Our story needs no filter!

Our Story Needs No Filter

,About the author :

Our Story Needs No Filter author Sudeep Nagarkar was born on 26th February 1988. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and parents. He has authored eight bestselling novels till now and he is also the recipient of Youth Achievers Award. His writings have the theme of friendship, true love and trust in a relationship. All his books are based on real life and true stories. Some of his famous books are- All rights reserved for you, She swiped right into my heart, That’s the way we met, Few things left unsaid.

Our Story Needs No Filter Summary :

Sometimes, love is just an illusion but sometimes, it becomes the sole purpose of your life. When you will come across the names of books, you will become familiar to his characters easily for what they are. His characters are simple, easy and relatable which talk of love, trust and friendship. Our Story Needs No Filter is a book which seems like it’s inspired by a recent student politics conflict. Because this conflict engaged the whole country a couple of months back and got the entire nation talking.

The book also has politics along with love and friendship drama as its main theme.While stories on social media were trending, Raghu was always lost in his books, even the idea of falling in love for him was limited to books only, until he met his classmate Ruhi. Raghu was stuck in a mess he cannot seem to get out of. Their love plays out against the backdrop of the upcoming student elections. But when his closest friends create a plan to rescue him, it only puts him in further jeopardy.

Our story has not ended . . . friendship never ends!

Will his love sail through the hardships or will it get swept away by the wave of student politics?
The plot of the book is very decent. It is neither too confusing nor too lame and that is what makes it a good and interesting plot. The idea of having a love story with student politics is the central theme of this book, because that is what sets this book apart from the other books by Sudeep Nagarkar.

Though the idea of authoring political romance has recently caught the sight of many young and established authors, but there is something about Ragu’s story which is fresh and different from that of others. There are a few subplots written to keep the story alive which blends well with the main plot. Set in this elaborate socio-political milieu, Sudeep Nagarkar’s new book ” our story needs no filter” explores the dark side of love. The pursuit of power and the hypocrisy of the powerful.

Rating :

4.2 out of 5

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