It is a very common question that should you read book summaries? The short answer is YES! Of course book summaries just cant replace the authenticity of a book.


Why you should shop with NA Blogs ? My answer is to save time and money. There are a number of good sites from where you can buy books online.


We believe, to live a good life, you need to commit to lifelong learning. And that includes reading better books.

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“I always try to find what I need here and am usually successful. I love for their services as they provide summary as well as the purchasing option of the same book. I Use this site frequently and love the ease of transactions and the vision to promote literature worldwide.”

Surili Mathur

"Every time when any author announces his new novel, I'll be saying to myself oh yes once again a chance to shop with “NA BLOGS” because their summarisation makes it easy to figure out if we want to buy the book or not. Most of the books are successful in grabbing your attention. Sometimes few repeated paragraphs in the books are annoying but that's negligible when you look at the bigger picture of the books. This website NA BLOGS helps us to informed about and connect easily with the new books coming in the market".

Mamta Kushwah

"I love shopping books with “NA BLOGS” they not only provide summary of a book but also give great discounts also on purchasing. I can find all of my favourite author’s books here. Some books gets you connected with the characters of story, you get emotionally attached to them, their story. I'm sure you will read any of the book in one seating only, like I did. "

Ajay Arora


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NA blogs is a start-up site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. In school, I hated books like any other student but when I passed my 12th grade, randomly one day I read a fiction novel of a very renowned author and something happened to me just after that, I turned into a book worm. Ever since, I’ve loved to read books both for fun and recreation. And since then I’m always looking for a new book to explore. NA blog is the best blog for everyone who is passionate about discovering new books whether it is fiction, non-fiction or other.